About us

LifeShake was born when Giulia Cardamone, Alexis Tromas, Océane Pelloille, Alexandre Carré, Diana Tasayco and Iqra Abedin met. 
Fate made them all join the same journalism network during a MUN (Model United Nation) session, and since that, they created a close knit group, where diversity is their strength. 
Once everyone of them reached home, they decide to continue what so far had only be a simulation.

Everything starts up one night, when Giulia can’t sleep and all she can think of is how amazing it would be to create something serious all together. A random night text to Alexis and the next day the entire group is aware of the plans.

The project is straightforward: to create a journal which is able to describe the world, not just through facts, but mainly through feelings, thoughts and hopes of those how live in it. 
Their mean is cooperation: young adults of different nationalities are perfectly able to work together, in respect of others’ opinions, through this “virtual”, but effective, press.
 Their goal is not just that of giving voices to different realities of the world through various points of view, but also that of making all sort of news accessible to those willing to know, listen and share.

LifeShake won’t put limits, and never will have any: the language will be as universal as possible, so that everyone can read with no sort of linguistic barriers.

The hope is to create a world able to shake the consciences of all those who ever decide to live in it.