(English) Exploring the streets of Costantinopoli

Martina BALZAROTTI 29 oktober 2013 2
(English) Exploring the streets of Costantinopoli

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  • Martina Di Febo

    I don’t really think one time is enough to visit Istanbul. First of all because you just mentioned some of the attractions which are around the city (i.e. you didn’t talk about Dolmabahçe sarayı, the Bosphors, the district of Ortaköy and, most of all, Kızıl Adalar for which I can only suggest you to search on the net how beautiful they are) and secondly because Istanbul is a city that changes continuously and there’s always something new that is worth seeing. Anyway I’m glad you decided to spent some days in this beautiful place in spite of all those people who have prejudices towards a country they don’t even know where is placed on the map.

  • Martina Balzarotti

    I have visited other attractions that I didn’t mentioned in the article: I went to Istanbul Modern, which I think it’s beautiful and the view from the balcony gives you a sense of freedom; I walked on the bridges from one side to the other one; I went to Nişantaşı and I saw how different it is from the other districts of the city.
    I liked Istanbul, I really did. I said one time is enough because, among all the places I’ve visited in these years, others have stolen my heart more that Istanbul did. But, you know, this is just my opinion!