This article doesn’t contain spoilers.

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This article doesn’t contain spoilers.

For a long time I tried not to get into the TV series. But now I am fond of it and I can’t avoid it.
Besides, I have noticed that in the American series a great importance is given to music and sometimes the songs chosen have a narrative role.
For this list I picked up some of them: those which I knew and loved. Some I was really happy to find in my favorite series’ episodes.


True detective is an amazing TVserie produced by HBO, aired this year.
Set in Louisiana, it talks about two detectives trying to handling a serial killer – at least it seems so.
The narrative structure is made through the main characters’ flashbacks: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson retrace the time of investigations after almost fifteen years.
The pictures, the setting, the characters, the dialogues are almost perfect. You find yourself absorbed by this Southern Gothic’s world and it is hard to escape unharmed.
The soundtrack, curated buy the musician T. Bone Burnett, has not just original pieces but some real masterpieces.
I chose the one by Vashti Bunyan, that is used during an extra marital sex scene.
Vashti Bunyan is a sixties English singer, her songs seem nursery rhymes.
She made two albums. One in 1970 – Just Another Diamond Day- and one more recently, in 2005 – Lookaftering-.
This “Train Song” can be found in a collection of Singles and B-Sides “Some things just stick in your mind”.


I have always been fascinated by Zombie, but more than them, I always liked the refugees of those who were not zombies yet.
This series is set just in one of these refugees.
In one episode – I won’t say which one not to spoiler – you can hear this song twice, hummed by two different characters.
I like Tom Waits a lot, and besides this song is one of my favorite. Bye.


Ok, seriously, among all the series you can possibly watch, Breaking Bad is the best, for sure.
It achieves high levels in all the things it concerns. Really.
The main character is the bad guy and he is interpreted by Malcom’s fool daddy. Just only for this reason the first season should be watched. And then you just won’t be able to give up on it.
The deepness of the characters, the twists, the dialogues are all worthy.
Everything is marked by songs, all beautiful.
Among all of these, I have picked the one chosen by Vince Gilligan for the last episode’s spot.


Come on, you all have watched Games Of Thrones. I am not going over the fact that we are a bunch of nerds and we are just fascinated when it comes to swords, dragons and castles. But the best thing of this fantasy series is that there is a lot of sex and violence involved as well. And we love that stuff. There is a lot of original music in it, because R.R. Martin, the writer of the books that are pictured in this series, has also cared about writing that songs of the soundtrack. One song in particular, the one which is the anthem of one of the protagonist families, has been played by The National and by The Sigur Ros, besides by the drunk warriors ready to do battle. And let’s not forget that even Coldplay have played it. During a crucial scene. Even if it hard, I am not telling you more about it  so I don’t spoil.


This series is a spin-off of the movie “This is England” and it has been directed by Shane Meadows. I highly recommend it if you have not watched the movie. It is about a group of skinhead friends and about the problem of political infiltrations during the Eighties. The main characters of this series are the friends, a couple of years later, dealing with more personal and tougher problems. There are just a few episodes which can be watched even just in an afternoon. The soundtrack is very well taken care of and it is full of awesome songs. The songs are all recent, besides those of Einaudi that are always present in the director’s works. The one I chose is by Style Council, which is the second group, in chronological order, of Paul Weller. He is the singer of the Jam, as well as being the father of the Brit bit pop of the Nineties.


 To end up my brief review, I will now introduce you to the initial song of the series about Vikings that have been produced by History Channel. The song is by Fever Ray, the moniker Karin Drejjer Andersson from The Knif, which is a Swedish electro band. The homonymous album is full of dark and claustrophobic sounds, which goes well together with the typical imaginary of Nordic Viking sagas. This series has been able to mix Viking fairy tales and legends to give shape to the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking chieftain and his clan. They arrived till the second season and, given the last episode, it is very promising.