International News #16

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International News #16

Monday 10 March

Flight MH370 can still not be found by Malaysian authorities. The Boeing has disappeared last Saturday with 239 people on board. More countries would join the hunt to find it. The international community fears a hijacking by pilot and co-pilot. Theirs homes have been searched but nothing has been found.


 Wednesday 12 March

An extreme pollution in china has struck nine cities. The worst city is Xingtai is the south west of Beijing which has been hit by 129 days of “unhealthy air”. Despite the declaration of war on pollution by the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, 10 chinese cities are in the top 10 of cities the most polluted. It has obviously increased the number of lung cancer and heart failure according to Greenpeace studies.


Thursday 13 March

At least 28 people have been killed because of the manifestations so far. Since February, Venezuelan students have been protested against insecurity and lack of food. They are also protested against president Maduro but he has the support of Cuba, Russia and China.

Here you can read this article from Joaquin Villalobos for El Pais about the insurrection qhich according to him won’t come because the manifestion will lose of strength.

Available in Spanish here

In French here


Friday 14 March

On Friday, thousand of Brazilians have protested against the huge amount of money spend in World cup, whereas 21,4% of the population lives below the poverty line. 


Saturday 15 March

Ireland has won the Six Nations tournament by winning 22 to 20 against France in Paris. What a pleasure for Brian O-Driscoll who wins his second tournament and puts an end to his unbelievable carrier.


Sunday 16 March

Crimea’s regional parliament has declared his independence and his fastening to Russia. The referendum, considered as illegal by western countries, has gathered 96,8%of voters in favour of joining Russia. Russia will give a financial help of 295 billions to Crimea.