International News #15

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International News #15

Monday 3/03: The day after the night of the Oscars everyone talks about winners, parties, red carpet and the best dressed celebrities. Television host Ellen Degeneres presented the 86th annual Academy Awards. Everyone was waiting for the awarding of prizes. Lupita Niong’o is a true revelation and at her debut she won the award for best supporting actress for the film 12 Years a Slave. Best Actress goes to Cate Blanchett who thanked her director Woody Allen for choosing her as a muse for his film; the Oscar for Best Actor has been a difficult awarding . The favourites were Leonardo Di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey but  at the end won Matthew McConaughey while Titanic’s actor once again came at home empty-handed. However anyone can deny the talent and the great interpretation of Matthew in Dallas Buyers Club and his career is having a renaissance in recent years. Other winners were 12 Years a Slave as Best Film, Frozen as Best Animated Feature, Jared Leto as Best Supporting Actor and The Great Beauty (Italy) as Best Foreign Language Film. Gravity dominated the Awards taking seven Oscars.


Wednesday 5/03 : According to well-informed sources today have been notified the names of 278 candidates, including  47 organizations, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year. This list includes also the names  of well-known figures like that of Pope Francis, the former U.S National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The appointment of the latter has given rise to several controversies especially because the Russian President in the last few days was involved in the conflict in  Ukraine, that will be also on the Nobel’s committee agenda. But Putin’s sponsors defended his candidacy and praised the work of Putin in trying to solve the Syrian crisis through the promotion of international dialogue and avoiding an armed attack against Damascus. However, for the moment  the Norwegian committee didn’t  confirm nor denied the list. Meanwhile, by the end of April, the list will be reduced to 12 names and the winner will be announced on October 10.


Thursday 6/03: Today in Brussels the European Summit took place and the crisis in Ukraine was at the centre of the discussion. At the end the European leaders reasserted their condemnation to the Russian occupation of the Crimea and asked for a withdraw of the army from the occupied territory. Besides the President of the European Council stressed the unconstitutionality of the referendum called by the Crimean parliament because it is at odds with the Constitution of Ukraine and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 3 steps will be taken : to stop further negotiations with Russia, not confirmed participation in the G8 after the decision of the European Council , propose alternative solutions to the crisis because Kiev and Moscow don’t communicate. Relations between the U.S. and Russia keep being strained: Obama wants to foster dialogue between Moscow and Kiev, but finds opposition in Russia. Meanwhile, Ukraine has asked Interpol to issue a warrant of arrest of ousted President Yanukovych.


Friday 7 /03: the climate of detente that Russia and Europe are trying to establish is still far away and there is no improvement either in the dialogue between Russia and the U.S. The other night, Obama and Putin had a telephone conversation that lasted over an hour. The two presidents have failed to find a point of agreement but Obama said that the opportunity to resolve the Ukrainian issue with diplomacy is still possible. Even the respective foreign ministers have spoken about  that question and the Russian Minister Lavrov warned the U.S. to act with prudence in order to not ruin the relationship between the two powers. However, Moscow doesn’t want to loosen the international  tension and has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine if it does not pay the debt of $ 1.8 billion. Today begin the Paralympics and also its opening ceremony has been a cause of controversy, in fact some of the most important European leaders (Germany, France, England, Finland and Italy) have decided to boycott the event and they didn’t send government representatives.


Saturday 8/03 : the Egyptian government is trying to redeem its reputation and so today the news that the government found a miracle cure to fight the HIV virus captured the headlines. HIV is a disease that causes a high number of deaths each year and despite billions invested in research any study has been able to provide a valid cure. The Egyptian junta knows that people are afraid of this disease seen as a punishment from God. On February 26th the junta has spread the news that they have created a device that can cure HIV and also hepatitis C. The response of the scientific community is readily arrived: the scientists said they were shocked by the claims . Indeed, this treatment has no scientific validity. The sensational statements made ​​at the press conference by the government of Abdel Fattah al- Sisi reminds to the old promises that Mubarak did. It is clear that the approach of presidential elections alerts the junta that uses mass media to show the people all his conquests, underestimating the handling of such delicate topics for medicine.