International News #14

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International News #14

Tuesday 25-02

The history of Bitcoin is paved of incredible success and huge crisis. While its value exceed the one of the ounce of gold in the end of 2013, now the Bitcoin face a big problem, the loss of 850.000 of them (7% of the total amount) and that, only because of one website : MtGox, which was the second biggest bitcoin’s online exchange. “Was”, because this Tuesday MtGox was nothing more a blank page and the company was put under Japanese bankrupcy law. There is a very few chances that the 500 000 clients will see the color of their almost 500 millions of dollars.


Thursday 27-02 :

Time Magazine was right, the Ukrainian’s crisis isn’t over. This Thursday a small group of armed men took the parliament of Crimea, an autonomous republic of the south of Ukraine. With Vladimir Putin’s army intervention, every scenario is possible. In all cases, the next few weeks will be decisive.

crimea parliament

Friday 28-02 :

This Friday, France celebrates its “cinéma” with the Césars. The equivalent of the American Oscars awarded more than any other movie, “Les Garcons et Guillaume, à table!” from Guillaume Gallienne with the award of : best movie, best actor, best adaptation, best first movie and best editing.

Césars guillaume

Saturday 1-03 :

On the night of Saturday, a group of people wearing black and carrying long knives and sabres attacked people in Kunming’s station, in China. 29 people died and there is more than 130 injured. Four of the assailants were killed by the police and one, a woman, were captured. Chinese authorities confirmed that they were Xianjiang separatists. More information in the BBC article.